Chef Lennon Silvers Lee’s mission is to source and serve high quality ingredients from around the world, beginning with the most important aspect of his menu: rice. 

Chef Lee set out to find something exceptional for Silvers Omakase and he has done just that—for the first time ever, Tanada Isehikari rice from Doyuuno farm will be served outside of Japan.

“Tanada” refers to rice grown higher up the side of the mountain as opposed to flat rice paddies at the bottom of the mountain. Although it requires more effort to farm it. This rice grown higher up is especially rich in flavor thanks to high quality soil, cold water and weather. Kawakami San from Doyuuno farm in Satoyama grows organically with homemade fertilizer to fully withdraw the power of rice and soil. The history of the rice is very interesting.

Isehikari is a mutant species originating from Koshihikari. Originally people had been growing koshihikari in a special rice field dedicated to the ISE shrine god in 1989. Most rice in the field had been destroyed, due to 2 typhoons. After that, only 2 rice plants miraculously survived. By growing those 2 plants, they found it had totally different characteristics. Since then, test harvest of those has been started, and it is now named as Isehikari on Jan 16, 1996, by Itsuo Sakai who serves for the ISE shrine. Recently, Isehikari has been paid attention to as healthy food, thanks to its high ratio of amylose. Amylose, highly contained in Isehikari urges slower absorption of carbohydrates than Koshihikari. It is strong against illness. Sweeter than Koshihikari and a firmer texture making it perfect for sushi.